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A good party on a boat, with the wonderful views of the city of Barcelona under a fantastic sun.

No doubt it is an unforgettable experience, out of the ordinary, as you celebrate the event on a fantastic catamaran. Everything is ready in the port of Barcelona to sail with several strippers on board.

These girls will be fully prepared to animate the party at all times, where there will be music, drinks included, and a party atmosphere worth remembering for a long time with the surprises we prepare for you in this service.

Trip Boat Private Party | BCN StripClub | Packs and offers
Trip Boat Private Party | BCN StripClub | Packs and offers

Imagine then, to be sailing with the view of the whole coast to several meters, the sensation of freedom that is lived in the catamaran. We will be at your disposal to personalize your party.

And what we like the most is that you enjoy it the most; that’s why our models will be very attentive to you. They will not devote themselves to show off their bodies and enjoy the sun, but they will be very attentive.

Trip Boat Private Party
Price per person. Minimum 5 people.
✅ 3 Hours of navigation.
✅ 1 Striper for each 4 people.
✅ Cava and fresh fruit included.
Minimum 5 people. For smaller groups there is an extra charge.
Ask for a ticket

The pack is calculated for a minimum of 5 people. If your group is of less people, tell us, that for a small supplement you can also enjoy this service.

And for the more party-goers, know that you can continue the party in one of the strip clubs that we suggest on our website. We take you totally free from the Olympic port to the strip club, where we can get you early entry with a drink included.

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