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You have the opportunity to enjoy a great night with the best privileges. The service of VIP Table at the Strip Club.

Imagine arriving at the strip club you have selected and you have a table reserved in one of the best locations, with a perfect view of the stages with the girls dancing close to you, and on your table there is a whole bottle of alcohol for you.

Now it’s possible, and best of all, the bottle of alcohol you choose will be included with the soft drinks you like best. And always with good brands.

VIP Table StripClub | BCN StripClub | Packs and offers
VIP Table StripClub | BCN StripClub | Packs and offers

So now you can imagine the reaction of one of the girls when they walk around the tables, between seeing a group of people with a single drink on their table, or those who see that you have a whole bottle on your table. Surely they will go for you, for the interesting person.

VIP Table in the Strip Club
Price for a maximum of 5 people. Previous price 300€
✅ Entrance to the Strip Club
✅ Vip table in preferential place
✅ Bottle of alcohol and soft drinks of your choice
250€, 1 bottle for groups of up to 5 people.
400€, 2 bottles for groups of up to 10 people.
600€, 3 bottles for groups of up to 15 people.
800€, 4 bottles for groups of up to 20 people.
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This service includes direct transport in a luxury car from the point you indicate to the strip club. But if you want to make a night even more interesting, for a supplement of 15€ per person we will give you a longer tour of the best streets of the city of Barcelona in a limousine. That way your night will be much more complete.

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