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The most erotic bunnies will make you feel like a high-class VIP client in one of our own limousines.

Feel like Hugh Hefner for one day. 2 “bunnies” with their famous Playboy ears will pick you up in a spectacular Hummer Limousine to make you have probably the best experience of your life.

A one-hour tour in Barcelona’s best Hummer Limousine, with the best strippers in the city. With this vehicle and that good company you will give a tour of the city while you enjoy a stripshow in private.

Playboy Experience | BCN StripClub | Packs and offers
Playboy Experience | BCN StripClub | Packs and offers

The Playboy bunnies will serve you cold cava during the journey, they will be very attentive to you, and will make you want them at all times. They know how to be the most sensual.

All an experience that you probably love to enjoy in the first person, or to give it to your best friend for his bachelor party. And is that this pack is designed to get a maximum of 10 people inside the vehicle.

Playboy Experience
Price per service. Maximum 10 people.
✅ 1 Hour Limousine tour of Barcelona
✅ 2 Stripper inside the limo during all the service
✅ Cava in the Limousine included.
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So I’m sure you’ve heard the famous phrase, “What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas.” Well here totally the same, “What happens in the limo, stays in the limo”. We’ll keep the whole secret of what happened tonight.

Logically is a show of the most erotic and fun, there is no explicit sex inside. It is designed to make you feel like a totally VIP person, with the privilege of being in very good company, and that the experience is unforgettable for life.

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