The fame of this strip club is a legend. It’s impossible to find anyone in the whole city who hasn’t ever heard the name of this magnificent club.

Considered the temple of pleasure in the city of Barcelona, Baghdad has earned its good reputation night after night. It is a strip club dedicated to sex, being one of the places most frequented by people of certain fame. A place where every night their show is different and unique.

Darling StripClub | BCN StripClub | NightclubsBagdad StripClub | BCN StripClub | Nightclubs in Barcelona
Bagdad StripClub | BCN StripClub | Nightclubs in Barcelona
Bagdad StripClub | BCN StripClub | Nightclubs in Barcelona
Exclusive price for BCNSTRIPCLUB
Exclusive offer for BCNSTRIPCLUB customers. At the ticket office, the price is 90€.
✅ Entrance to the Strip Club.
✅ 1 Drink included in the pack.
✅ Live porn show. You can go up on stage and participate.
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Bagdad Barcelona has small sections where the girls perform completely private shows. They approach you with their perfect sensual dances and fix your gaze on you while your pulse accelerates with the rhythm of the music. Whether or not things go further will depend on you and all your desires.

Bagdad StripClub | BCN StripClub | Nightclubs in Barcelona
Bagdad StripClub | BCN StripClub | Nightclubs in Barcelona
Bagdad StripClub | BCN StripClub | Nightclubs in Barcelona

If you still don’t know this club, it’s time for you to try the best of the city. Some really spectacular girls, a party atmosphere, with total privacy and discretion. A pleasure factory for you to enjoy every movement of these models on stage and a few inches from you.

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How is the Bagdad Strip Club?

The Sala Bagdad in Barcelona is, directly, the temple of pleasure, the most. It is eroticism in its purest form. And if you ask yourself “why is Sala Bagdad so well known” it is purely because of its great quality and surprising live show. A place where you will see incredible women on stage, in pole dance, and even having a drink side by side with you, with spectacular bodies. This is because this strip club has earned a good reputation with the magnificent team that has been mounted, they only have the best.

One of their specialties is the interactive shows on those stages, where they encourage anyone to get on with the women and do everything they can imagine there in front of everyone, without any kind of shame. They have more than 40 years of experience, being the first hall in Spain to make this proposal to allow any client to participate in the shows. So go ahead and live a unique experience in your life up there.

If, on the other hand, you like things more discreet, you will find a wide variety of suites and rooms of all kinds where you can take your companion to spend a few good hours privately. Rooms with really comfortable beds, mirrors, ideal furniture for new positions, and even rooms with their own pole dance in case you want to see a good dance with the girl a few inches away from you.

And for the bachelor party groups, you are in luck. Because they have 30 years of experience. Bagdad organizes spectacular bachelor parties with dinner, private striptease, show in the Sala Bagdad, drinks… and if you are more than 6 people, you can already count on the boyfriend totally free. Also, remember that from BCN Stripclub we have a limousine service which can complement your night perfectly.

With more than 20 professional artists of elite category, it is the moment that you come to enjoy as a spectator and you can encourage yourself to interact throughout the show (like for example helping to unbutton a bra during a striptease, until you do more than one thing well raised of tone, we do not want to reveal anything to you). I’m sure you’ll recognize more than one girl from the inside for having seen her on a particular Internet website, you know…